September 26


My mother, or mum as we called her, named me Honeysuckle because she loved the fragrance of the flowers on that vine. Luckily, everyone has always called me Honey.

My twin sister, Willow, and I own and run the Starlight Inn and Cafe. Over the years, we’ve had many adventures in our Victorian B & B.  The more we learn about the history of our old house, we realize that there has always been a sense of adventure  and mystery about this place we’ve always called our home.

We love our organic garden and serve most of our  fruits and vegetables right in our own Café. We also love fixing up the house and finding antiques for decoration. It is a lot of work keeping up and older Victorian house, serving guests, and maintaining a  large organic garden.

To get  everything done, we have a handyman, a gardener, and a head housekeeper.  When we take our two month vacation in September and October every year, we turn the place over to them. It’s always interesting and occasionally scary to find out what they’ve been up to when we return in November.

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