September 21

Pussywillow (Willow)

Willow Johnson is the younger of the twin daughters of the late Absinthe Johnson. Willow owns the Starlight Inn in Santa Barista with her older sister, Honey.

Both Willow and Honey live at the inn. Willow was married briefly to a young man from a neighboring town. An unexpected turn of events led to divorce but they remain very close friends.

Willow manages the kitchen, with a lot of help from Honey. They are both excellent cooks and bakers, and gardeners—although Honey has the greener thumb. Most of the vegetables and fruits served in the cafe are harvested from their organic garden and orchard.

Willow and Honey love to travel. They close the bed and breakfast for the months of September and October each year to visit places around the world. This is a tradition started by their mum, who traveled frequently to Europe and sometimes to Asia.

Willow and Honey don’t know much about their mum’s personal life prior to their birth 46 years ago. Older people from the town sometimes laughingly refer to their mum as the Pregnant Madam, which indicates that there may be some brothers and sisters they haven’t met yet… or perhaps some they have met, but haven’t yet identified as family.

You will learn more about Willow and Honey from their ongoing posts. Even though their mum has passed on, her presence is still felt in the character of the inn and the lives of Willow and Honey.

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