December 2

The Letters

None of us expected the letters. In fact we didn’t even know who all of “us” were. The letters came from the lawyer for a former Italian Count – Count Luigi Lussuria. The lawyer has been instructed to search records and to find all of the living children of Abigail  “Absinthe” Johnson. The Count had apparently been a very close friend of our mum. She met him on one of her trips to Italy and invited him to visit her here in Santa Barista. Through the years, they had gotten together often, despite the geographical hurdles.

The lawyers’ instructions were to find Absinthe’s children and to gather them together to read his last will and testament. There might even be a DNA test involved, the letters said. What was going on, we wondered? Willow and I had gotten letters, but who else had gotten them, and why didn’t we know who they were. Once again we remembered mum saying that 12 pregnancies were enough for any woman, but we had never asked if any other offspring were alive. Why hadn’t she told us?

We’d never heard of Count Luigi Lussuria. When mum came back from her trips abroad, she always said she’d had a great time, but never mentioned anyone she’d met. Apparently, she’d known this Count and knew him quite well.

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