September 21

Honeysuckle (Honey)

Honey  (Honeysuckle) Johnson is the older of the twin daughters of the late Absinthe Johnson. Honey owns the Starlight Inn in Santa Barista with her slightly younger sister, Willow.

The girls were born on April 24, 1964. While most people can’t tell Willow and Honey apart, the girls suspect that they are actually fraternal twins since twins seem to run in their family.

Willow and Honey were 34 when their mum died and they inherited the bed & breakfast. Honey maintains the extensive garden at the Inn, with a lot of help from Willow and a hired caretaker. They are avid organic gardeners and learned to love fresh herbs and vegetables from their mum. They are also both excellent cooks and bakers, another thing they inherited from their mum. Willow manages the kitchen, but they both chip in to help when the kitchen is busy, which is most of the time.

The old but elegant Starlight Inn & Cafe which Honey and Willow inherited, has a beautiful garden on the extensive grounds and inviting guest rooms upstairs.  The cozy cafe serves breakfast & lunch daily.  The Inn is unique in Santa Barista in that the cafe is open to local residents as well as visitors. It  is a very popular place to catch up with friends and  the local news.

Honey has never married, but she has had some serious suiters. Willow and Honey love to travel. They close the bed and breakfast for the months of September and October each year to visit places around the world.

Willow and Honey know that they were not the first of Absinthe’s children. In fact they never know when they might bump into a brother or sister born during the earlier days of the Starlight Inn when adoption was less formal than it is today. Their mum used to tell them that 12 pregnancies was enough for any woman. They thought she was joking, but now they wonder if perhaps that was a clue and thinks maybe they should have asked more questions while their mum was still alive.

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