September 21


This blog previews a book-in-progress by writers Lucy Thomas and Nancy Oster. Their previous book, Making Informed Medical Decisions was co-written with Darol Joseff, MD. While that book provides a valuable resource for anyone dealing with a medical issue, fiction is a lot more fun to write.

The characters in our new book are quickly developing a life of their own, so we thought we’d give them the opportunity to express themselves on this blog and give you a chance to get to know them.

Feel free to leave comments on the blog posts. I’m sure Honey and Willow will enjoy sharing their background information.

To learn the story behind the Starlight Inn and Cafe, click on the History and Character links. Under the Recipe link, they share their recipes for popular items at the B&B and cafe.

Check home page regularly for new postings. The good news is that life is never boring at the Starlight Inn and Cafe.

Lucy & Nancy

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